Project Dashboard

Header statistics shows total number of testcases, testsuites, test runs, defects reported and test runs currently in progress for the current project.

It is a daily test execution trends graph for period of month. This graph clearly shows how testcases fairing over a period time. This graph has four series:

  1. Pass [Total number for testcases passed]

  2. Fail [Total number for testcases failed]

  3. Not Complete [Total number for testcases not complete]

  4. Total [Total number for testcases executed]

There is also data presented in tabular format for analysis

Testrun Coverage

Testrun coverage = Total testcases participated in the testrun(s) / Total testcases available

Daily testrun coverage is presented for a period of month in stacked column graph.

There are four series in the graph and they are

  1. Pass [Participated testcases, Passed]

  2. Fail [Participated testcases, Failed]

  3. Not Complete [Participated testcases, Not Complete]

  4. Not Executed [Non participated testcases]

Similar to test execution trends, here also graph data is presented in tabular form for analysis.